School Psychologist (Assigned to Early Childhood and Nonpublic School Students)

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Franklin Township Community School Corporation 

JOB TITLE: School Psychologist (Assigned to Early Childhood and Nonpublic School Students) 

REPORTS TO: Assistant Director of Special Education 

SUPERVISES: Non-Applicable 

EMPLOYMENT AND FLSA STATUS: Certified/Non-Exempt/Hourly 


The School Psychologist assigned to evaluate Early Childhood and Nonpublic School Students will be a member of the FTCSC special education team. This individual will conduct educational evaluations focusing on children ranging from 2 years, 7 months of age and up to 12th grade. 


 Assist in the movement of students to different assessment stations within the early childhood classroom environment. 

 Administer, score, and provide a timely written report summarizing developmentally appropriate assessments s/he has administered in the areas of adaptive, social-emotional, and cognitive skills. 

 Assist in obtaining informed Consent from parent/legal guardian of students referred for possible special education services. 

 Conduct parent interviews as part of the assessment process, if necessary. 

 Observe confidentiality requirements for identified students. 

 Participates as the leader of the multidisciplinary assessment team. 

 Develop and complete designated components of the IEP for assessed students through the Indiana IEP software system. 

 Complete designated sections of the psychological assessment report. 

 Collaborate with other team members to ensure all reports are completed within designated time frames. 

 Maintain and manage inventory of testing materials. 

 Attend required meetings and school-related activities. 

 Adhere to the policies and procedures including network and internet use of the FTCSC. 

 Make positive contributions to the culture and climate of the FTCSC. 

 Other duties and responsibilities as assigned. 


 Must have a valid School Services license as a School Psychologist issued by the Indiana Department of Education, Division of Professional Standards. 

 Experience in conducting educational evaluations for young children is desirable. 


1. Seldom = Less than 25 % 2. Occasional = 26 to 50 % 

3. Often = 51 to 75 % 4. Very Frequent = 76 % & above 

Ability to stand for extended periods of time. (3) 

Ability to lift 25 lbs. (2) 

Ability to carry 25 lbs.(2) 

Ability to work at a desk, conference table or in meetings of various configurations. (3) 

Ability to see for the purpose of reading laws and codes, rules and policies and other printed matter. (4) 

Ability to hear and understand speech at normal levels. (4) 

Ability to communicate so others will be able to clearly understand a normal conversation. (4) 

Ability to operate office equipment. (4) 

Ability to reach in all directions. (4) 


The FTCSC will comply with all legal requirements relating to reasonable accommodation for employees and job applicants. 


185 Days per year 


Performance of this job will be evaluated in accordance with provisions of the Board’s policy on Evaluations of Professional Personnel.

Contact Lori Carmichael-Howell at or 317-803-5022 to apply.

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